Thing 27

December 22, 2009

Look at this picture for 30secs and then stare at a blank wall.. Did the optical illusion work..?


Thing 26

December 19, 2009

Change you wallpaper to this here image!

Thing 25

December 15, 2009

Take a long hard drive.

Thing 23

December 13, 2009

Go charm that snake! Its fun!

Thing 23

December 13, 2009

Ride that Bull!

Thing 22

December 12, 2009

Kiss a bald mans head.. Yum!

Thing 21

December 4, 2009

Put something interesting into a microwave and see if it hisses, pops or whistles. Here in the picture we put a pot plant into a microwave, it was lazy and only got warm.

Thing 20

December 2, 2009

Take a timeout and look at a pair of tits.

Thing 19

December 2, 2009

Invite a homosexual friend round, of the same sex as you, to your home. Proceed to go into the bedroom, flick the light off and see what happens.

Thing 18

December 2, 2009

Visit a country beginning with the letter “C”. This will enhance your wild and dangerous lifestyle of living on the edge. YOU GO GIRL!